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Lipids ppt presentation

Lipids ppt presentation

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7 Sep this is the brief introductory prsentation about lipids and its physiological significance. 29 Jun Chemistry of fatty acids, cholesterol, simple and compound lipids. Saturated fatty acids may be envisaged asbased on acetic acid (CH3. Presentation created by Jill Goode Englett, University of Alabama and Ellen Lipids. Organic compounds which do not dissolve in water but do dissolve in fat.

Lipids. Dr. Meera Kaur. Learning objectives. To understand. * various lipids by source, structure and use: triglycerides, fats and oil and waxes. * the fluid mosaic . Some carbons on fatty acid form a double bond with each other instead of binding to hydrogen Lipids are absorbed based on structure and circulatory system. 13 Apr LIPIDS PPT | PDF | Presentation: Lipids are a distinct group of compounds, including oils, waxes, steroids, fats and similar compounds that are.

Lipids. AP Biology. Life is based on Carbon. Carbon atoms are versatile. building blocks. Special bonding properties; Has 4 valence electrons so it can form. Lipid = a compound that is insoluble in water, but soluble in an organic solvent lipid esterase: secreted by pancreas, acts on cholestrol esters, activated by bile. Lipoprotein Metabolism. John R. Guyton, M.D.. Associate Professor of Medicine. Duke University. Durham, NC. Lipid Structure. HO. Cholesterol. COOH. COOH. Lipids. Soluble in non-polar solvents and insoluble in polar solvents. Lipids are not . They have specific effects on target cells close to their site of formation. Lipids. Chemistry Lipids. - Family of bimolecules. - They are not defined by a particular functional. group, thus they have a variety of structures and.


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